B i o g r a p h y

Greg Haynes is a percussionist, composer, and educator based in the Connecticut/metro New York area.

As a performer, Haynes is active as both a soloist and an ensemble player, having performed concertos by Keiko Abe, Allan Bell, Michael Daugherty, Craig Fitzpatrick, Ney Rosauro, and Kerwin Young in addition to solo recitals, chamber works, and orchestral pieces throughout the United States and internationally. He has performed with a diverse selection of ensembles including the Hartford Symphony, the Longmont Symphony, the Midwest Chamber Ensemble, Banda Sinfonica de Santa Fe in Argentina, Marimba Sol de Chiapas, and the Redemption Sound Setters steel orchestra in Tobago.

As a composer, Haynes primarily writes commissioned concert pieces for chamber groups, percussion, and electronics, but also produces work as a film and media composer. His compositions have been featured in music festivals including the 2014 ISM Percussion Festival in Santa Fe, Argentina, and the 2015 Electronic Music Midwest festival in Kansas City. His recent film scores include those for “Wish You Were Here - The Robert C. Bishop Story,” “The Tesla Files,” and “Mountain Folsom,” recently broadcast on Rocky Mountain public television. His game music arrangements have been featured on popular websites including kotaku.com and gonintendo.com. His current projects include producing the music for a video game entitled “Roots of the Ancients” which focuses on Proto-Indo-European languages and mythology.

Haynes serves as Assistant Professor of Music at Western Connecticut State University. In the years previous to his current employment, Haynes served on the faculties of Western Colorado University, Missouri Western State University, and Missouri Southern State University.

While Haynes holds several music degrees including the Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the University of Kansas, he received his first undergraduate degree in Cognitive Science from the University of Georgia, which provided a foundation for contributing to interdisciplinary projects connecting music to mathematics and computer science. Working with the late Dr. John Peterson in the field of computer science, Haynes became a collaborator on the Nuterpea project, which allows musical structures to be represented in an intuitive programming language, accessible to students of all backgrounds with an interest in musical composition.  He also holds a professional certificate in advanced music production from Berklee Online.

Haynes serves on the composition committee for the Percussive Arts Society and is a member in good standing with the Audio Engineering Society, the National Association for Music Education, and the American Federation of Musicians, Local 400.

Greg Haynes holding mallets